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December 13, 2015

There are literally thousands of fancy plugins you can buy for Protools and similar popular DAWs these days. However, you really don’t need the latest gadgets and plugins to make amazing Imaging and Production.

If you work off the newer versions of Protools (9.0 and up) you get a big bunch of internal Protools Plugins installed as standard, these are known as “Air Plugins”

Most of the production I create will use these in some form – most often, I use the Air EQ III (1 band or 7 band EQ) which is one of the best EQ plugins I’ve ever worked with because it gives you so many options compared to Waves REQ and similar plugins.

Another favourite of mine within the AIR bundle is the Filter Gate plugin which can used for so many things – to give your Female Voiceover that layered sound or even music.

The best thing with Protools for beginners is to literally play around with it and see what each plugin does to the sound and work from there, and there also hundreds of tutorials on YouTube which will give you a head start.

if you are a fan of Waves (Like me) there literally hundreds of great plugins like: HDelay, which is a must for beatmixing and working within the Grid in Protools – You can set the BPM of the grid within the HDelay interface and it will give you a really nice in-time delay. Also, simialrily with the 2tap and 6tap within Waves bundle will give you a nice sound to you VO, brighter and layered.

So, as you can see you don’t need to fork out hundreds or even thousands on plugins for Protools as the Internal Protools Plugins really do an excellent job.

However, if you are working off the likes of Adobe Audition, I would really recommend an upgrade and purchasing plugins like the Waves set or Native Instruments if you are doing more instrument/musical based imaging.

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